Please follow the Instruction to check in 

Download Instructions

Check-in-02Please enter the first door, using the provided door code from the confirmation email.

​​Check-in-01​ Please have your passport or ID, as well as the provided checkin information (booking number) from the confirmation email ready.

​​Check-in-01Please tab on „CHECK IN“ on the Checkin Terminal and place your passport or ID on the scanner, then tab on „START SCAN“ (this takes a few seconds). 

​​Check-in-01Please enter your booking number (from the confirmation email) and tab on „NEXT“.

​​Check-in-01Please check your name and amend if necessary, then tab on „NEXT“. 

​​Check-in-01Please check your date of birth, nationality, document number and amend if necessary, then tab on „NEXT“.

​​Check-in-01 Please check your address and amend if necessary, then tab on „NEXT

​​Check-in-01If you are travelling with a companion, please enter companion’s name and date of birth and tab on „NEXT“.

​​Check-in-01Please accept „Terms and Conditions“ by checking the box, then tab on „CHECK IN“. 

​​Check-in-01Please sign with your finger on the marked area on the screen, then tab on „CHECK IN“.

​​Check-in-01Select number of cards needed (max. 2 for 2 persons, 1 for 1 person) and tab on „CHECK IN“.

​​Check-in-01Please take your room card and print your room number.​

Check-in-02Use your room card to open the second door, by placing it on the card reader next to the passport reader.

​​Check-in-01Please use the elevator or the stairs to get to your room.

For further information on our 24-hours Checkin-Terminal, please see our video tutorial here