House Rules

Information for tenants of THE SPOT – Serviced Apartments


Our reception hours are Monday to Friday from 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM. 

On weekends and public holidays the reception remains closed.

All Suites are cleaned automatically once per week by THE SPOT for longstay bookings of 28 nights and above. Towels and bedsheets are changed once per week upon suite cleaning by THE SPOT. For shortstay bookings from 5 to 27 nights, the suites will be cleaned every 4th day. Please note that our housekeeping-team will be off on weekends. 

In case you wish for an extra cleaning, it may be booked for 25,00€. 

Use of Suites and Equipment:

The suites have to be accessible for the cleaning personal during business hours (08:30 AM to 06:00 PM). Cooking inside the suites is only permitted within the designated kitchenette, which has to be left in a clean condition. Should the cleaning of a suite need more time, due to immense impurities, we will charge the tenant accordingly for the extra cleaning effort. 

The tenant is obligated to use and maintain the suites, its equipment and the public areas, such as Lobby, Laundry room, corridors and terraces in a proper and appropriate manner. The suites should be left in a broom-clean condition upon checkout. The tenant is obligated to appropriately heat and ventilate the suites.

In case of defects of the suite or its equipment, the tenant has to inform THE SPOT Management immediately. The same applies in case of danger for the suites/equipment or land of THE SPOT. The tenant will be held liable for damages through cultable violation of his/her due diligence.

House Rules



In case you are missing anything regarding the interior or in case you need any help, please contact THE SPOT Management during designated business hours (Monday and Wednesday 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM). All equipment in the suites can be used by the tenants. Please use all equipment and interior with care. Please also take responsibility for your visitors. Important for visitors: In case of a change in guest numbers and overnight visitors, we are kindly asking you to book for another person in advance. Maximum number of tenants per suite is 2 persons.


Please report occurred damages to THE SPOT Management immediately, since otherwise, you can be held liable for any unreported damages upon checkout. Tenants can be held liable for damages caused by their visitors and children.


Please note that all kitchen equipment shall be stored in a clean and proper manner. Please be considerate towards your neighbors and avoid preparing strong smelling foods in our suites.

Public Areas: 

The public areas, such as lobby, laundry room, corridors and terraces shall be left in a tidy condition. The staff working stations, such as the reception desk are only to be accessed by the staff of The SPOT. 


Please do not leave your garbage on the hallways. For the environment, please separate your garbage and empty the garbage cans in the suite regularly in the garbage room in level -1 (designated with „Trash“).

For smokers:

Smoking is not permitted in the whole building. In case  of violation, the tenant can be held liable for renovation and will be charged with a minimum amount of 300 EUR. In case the renovation works are higher, the tenant will be charged with the invoice. Smoking terraces are located on the first and second floor of the property. 

Due Diligence:

Windows and doors have to be closed and locked upon leaving the suite, in order to avoid damages through the weather. Please also close the lights before leaving the suite. THE SPOT can not be held liable for the loss of articles of value of the tenant.

Rest Period:

Please keep noise to a minimum between 10:00 PM and 06:00 AM. Parties and loud music are not permitted in the property at all times.


Pets are not permitted in the property.


Checkout time is until 11:00 AM. In case of late checkout, the tenant will be charged for another night. THE SPOT Management is permitted to terminate the tenancy without refund, in case of violations of our terms and conditions, house rules, as well as physical/psychological violence and discrimination towards other guests and staff of THE SPOT.