Made to measure, made for pleasure!

Recently we were honored to be interviewed by one of our most valued partners, Visionapartments



Despite the high work load due to the EURA convenion, one of their representatives, Deborah, took her time to visit us in our beloved property and interviewed me on some very interesting topics regarding our property, the trends and innovations in the serviced apartments sector and the challenges we face as a stand-alone boutique serviced apartments provider. 

In the beginning we also talked a bit about how the idea of The SPOT developed and since most other properties have quite rational and more business oriented reasons for opening such a property, our story was rather unusual and charming, which lead them to featuring an additional article in FACES Magazine

Although it is not my story, I always love to tell how our beloved SPOT was developed and what reasons our owners had to open such a wonderful serviced apartment property.

We love to share our love story and therefore invite everyone to read the beautiful article. 

Special thanks again to Visionapartments and FACES Magazine for the great cooperation and support!

Find the link to the article by clicking HERE

Happy reading!

Cheers, Sabrina