2018...What a year!

Can you believe that 2018 is already over?

It's difficult for me to believe that we are already in our 3rd year of operation now and still learn something new every single day!


2018 was anything, but certainly not boring.

We have experienced so much. We made so many great memories and luckily only very few bad ones, from which we also learned and gained a lot of experience. 

Here are some of our highlights: 

For the second year in a row we received the Guest Review Award with a score of 8,7 from our partner, which shows that not only do we love our guests, but they also love us!


We gained many more corporate clients, who help to make our business so successful and pleasant to work at. Also, we managed to keep and increase our average yearly occupancy to 95%, which is really amazing, considering that 80% of our clients are staying for 1 month or longer. 

We got even more lovely returning customers, who show great loyalty to our team and the The SPOT - Serviced Apartments, give us great feedback and always have some kind words for us, which sweeten our days!

We executed some great renovation works in our suites to increase the satisfaction and comfort for our valued guests.

For the second year in a row we got nominated as one of the markets best Serviced Apartments at the SO!APART Awards 2018 and competed with some very great properties, which often have huge companies behind them with much more employees than us. The result: we got under the TOP 5 and could not be prouder that even though our team consists of 2 full-time employees and in total 4 external suppliers, we got this incredible result!


Last but not least, we got featured in one of Germany's most important Hotel Magazines, TOPHOTEL, with almost a full page and some really amazing words about our concept and service. It was a real surpise for us that we got chosen, because magazines like this concentrate on the industry's superstars, like big chains which have a lot of publicity. So it was really great for us that we, as the small but cozy SPOT, were featured here.


So all in all we can say that 2018 was a great success and we are more than excited and eager to continue with lots of positive energy in 2019!

Thanks a lot for the great support and the great trust in us and our service!