Feature in the latest edition of TOPHOTEL

Today is a great day!

Why? Well, there are several reasons... 

First, the weather in Munich is still amazing! The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the temperature is so mild, that even though it is mid-October, you can still walk outside in a t-shirt. 

The colors of the trees vary from green to gold-brown and red and the whole environment looks cozy and beautifully happy. 

This also reflects on the mood of the people. 

Working in hospitaliy, you really realize when the general mood is good or bad and at the moment, it is REALLY good!

But there is one more reason why the day is so great!

We are featured with (almost) a whole page in Germany's most popular hospitality magazine "TOPHOTEL"!

As the name of the magazine already suggests, TOPHOTEL focusses on only the best and most innovative products in the hospitality market. 

Recent editions included interviews and features of great 5-star Hotel branches like Jumeirah, Hilton, Hyatt and many more.

The current edition 10/2018 focusses a bit more on "temporary living" and therefore Serviced Apartments and as it seems, The SPOT is a major player in the German market, which we are more than proud of!

Thanks again to the journalists of TOPHOTEL for this great feature!

We feel truly SPECIAL!



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