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Today turned out to be a very special day...

Not because it's Friday and the weekend is around the corner. Also not because we seem to finally have come over the hardest times during the Corona Crisis and finally got back to our great occupancy rate of 90%!

NO! It's because we have been officially elected APARTMENTS OF THE YEAR 2020 by CORPORATE LIVE WIRE!


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Sustainability & Quality @ The SPOT - Serviced Apartments

We care for quality and sustainability! That’s why we choose decomposable coffee capsules from MY CUPS with the finest organic coffee.


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E-Mobility in The SPOT - Serviced Apartments with Evhcle!

After the past months of hardship due to the Corona Crisis, we were constantly brainstorming what we could offer our guests in order to make life easier and more fun again... We found a solution and were lucky enough that our new partner EVHCLE came along!

Read more here!

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Februar 2020
„What are serviced apartments for you?" 

Hear from the leading industry experts about what makes a „home away from home“ a real home!”

Willkommen in der Welt der Serviced Apartments from Apartmentservice on Vimeo.

Made to measure, made for pleasure!

Recently we were honored to be interviewed by one of our most valued partners, Visionapartments



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Juli 2019
What makes The SPOT special? - Interview with VISIONAPARTMENTS

What makes The SPOT special? What do our Design Serviced Apartments offer? Who are our client base and what are the future challenges of the Serviced Apartments sector?
Curious? Then watch the following interview of our GM Sabrina!

Thanks to VISIONAPARTMENTS for the great interview and video! It's a pleasure working with you!  ♥ <3

The perks of Digitalization

It seems that the world keeps turning faster and faster with each passing day.

We are confronted and “blessed” with new technologies on a more and more frequent basis and yet, somehow still stick to our old and known habits.

One of these habits is working analogue.

Recently, we have put a lot of thought into how we can improve the efficiency of our daily “To Dos” and also, how we can support the environment in the same context.

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Three times is a charm!

Ooops we won it again...

Today is yet another good day! Not specifically because of all the snow in and around Munich (this is actually getting a bit on my nerves), but because we received the best feedback from our shortstay-guests via 

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2018...What a year!

Can you believe that 2018 is already over?

It's difficult for me to believe that we are already in our 3rd year of operation now and still learn something new every single day!

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Automated Checkin … in pictures

Another year, another nomination... This and much more from the SO! APART 2018 in Leipzig

It was again this time of the year! The most exciting days in the lives of serviced apartments professionals, the SO! APART 2018 took this year place, for the first time,  in Leipzig. The location was really top of the league in Felix im Lebendigen Haus, a brand new and shiny serviced apartments property in Leipzig. 

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Feature in the latest edition of TOPHOTEL

Today is a great day!

Why? Well, there are several reasons... 

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Wiesn' Season 2018 with The SPOT - Serviced Apartments

It's this time of the year again, Munich's favorite... The OKTOBERFEST or as we locals like to call it... "WIESN"!


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SO! APART AWARDS 2018 - Here we go again!

And again, a year has passed and we are slowly starting to get ready for the SO! APART 2018, which will take place on 15th and 16th of November in Leipzig this year. 


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Across the River Banks & Home

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New Cooperation with My Fitness Card

Are you looking for fun, flexible and convenient sports opportunities near The SPOT, in Munich or all around Germany? Then you might wanna try out My Fitness Card!

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Ooops we won it again... 

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New York Style in München

Feature article about THE SPOT in "hotelbau"

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The "Brazilian" SPOT?

The SPOT - Serviced Apartments is not only a popular place for domestic business travellers, but also the first stop for expats finding their new home in Munich. 


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SPOT the man...

SPOT the man!


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THE SPOT München – Wohnen auf Zeit

Wohin, wenn man ein paar Tage oder Wochen in München als Jobnomade stilvoll wohnen möchte?

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Second Card Holder

Juni 2017

We are very excited and happy to be participating at the SO! APART AWARD for "Das beliebteste Große" (The most popular big Apartment House).


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It's this time of the year again. Slowly it starts getting cooler in the evenings, the leafs on the trees slowly start changing their colors and all in all the heat starts leaving the busy city and everything is becoming a bit cozier and somehow you know that something is about to happen... Do you have a guess what this could be?


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Mai 2017
Summer - Best Beer Gardens Munich

The sun is shining and you are craving a cold beer or Radler under the sun? Here are some of Munich's best Biergartens, which you should definitely visit this summer! Enjoy & Prost!

Mai 2017
The SPOT on tour! So proud of our first "SPOT-Mini"

November 2017
SPOT your neighbor...

SPOT your neighbor! The SPOT und COMERA are inviting to a joint event on November 3rd from 07:00 PM, sponsored by FERNET! Just show your room card of The SPOT and get 1 WELCOME DRINK per person for free! Enjoy, mingle and bring the neighborhood to life!!!

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Juni 2017
Komödie im Bayerischen Hof.

Supporting our lovely guests at their very entertaining and well performed play, "Anderthalb Stunden zu spät"! Well done and thanks a lot for the invite!

April 2017

The SPOT - new HotSPOT in town!!! Thanks to Jolie for the great reference in the latest issue, May 2017! We agree that this shooting was really amazing, lots of fun and it was a pleasure to have Sila Sahin and Cathy Hummels around!!!

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What makes us special...

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Is the bad weather pulling you down? Have some "sun to go" and you will feel better! It's for free and will immediately improve your mood! The SPOT certified!

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SO! APART AWARDS 2017 - Berlin

On Wednesday November 22nd, we were able to attend the convention and Award Ceremony of the SO! APART Awards 2017 in Berlin. 



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