Another year, another nomination... This and much more from the SO! APART 2018 in Leipzig

It was again this time of the year! The most exciting days in the lives of serviced apartments professionals, the SO! APART 2018 took this year place, for the first time,  in Leipzig. The location was really top of the league in Felix im Lebendigen Haus, a brand new and shiny serviced apartments property in Leipzig. 

The location of this amazing property is very central in the old post office of Leipzig, right at Augustusplatz, opposite of the opera house. 

What can I say about the event...

Most definitely that I have learned a lot about future and current trends, numbers of current and coming developments and what the future might bring for businesses like ours. 

Especially in A-Locations in Germany and other central and northern European cities, serviced apartments are experiencing a real hype, since more and more travelers do not only want to sleep in a place, but live, no matter if they stay for 2 nights or 2 months. 

Serviced Apartments bring convenience and still have that kind of hotel service, where you don't have to care much and most things are well taken care of, such as room cleaning, maintenance and so on. 

At the end of the first day of this very interesting congress, the SO! APART Awards 2018 were distributed to their rightful and well deserved winners. 

This year we were nominated in the category "Groß und Großartig", which means "Big and Great". All properties with a size above 50 rooms were able to participate in this category and a jury containing of 4 neutral jundges evaluated these properties and eventually decided on a winner. 

We were very proud to be nominated as one of the five best serviced apatment properties in the market and were very happy for Felix im Lebendigen Haus, who won this years' SO!APART Awards in our category.

We definitely had a great party and lots of fun with our fellow colleagues from the inustry. 

Generally, I love these events to network and see that we all sit in the same boat. 

We can still learn so much from one another and it's nice to see that we don't really have this competitive thinking anymore but behave much more like colleagues and even friends, who help each other out. 

I am most certainly looking forward to visit some of the new properties on the market and hopefully to welcome also some of our colleagues here in The SPOT - Serviced Apartments!

I already can't wait to be at next years' SO!APART and I am excited to see where it will take place then. 

The founder and owner of Apartmentservice, Anett Gregorius, who is also the organizer of SO!APART certainly created a great event to learn and network and really helps clean up this very dynamic industry, which may still seem a bit confusing for people not being too involved in it. 

We are looking forward to many more creative and interesting years ahead at the SO!APART and its awards!