New Cooperation with My Fitness Card

Are you looking for fun, flexible and convenient sports opportunities near The SPOT, in Munich or all around Germany? Then you might wanna try out My Fitness Card!

Speaking from own experience, I know how hard it is to find suitable sports studios where you manage to stay motivated and actually not just pay for 2 years, but also go there... MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

Since I like to try new things and to stay active and healthy, I was always on the search for sports opportunties and so I paid endless amounts for different studios, 10er cards and fitness contracts, which I enjoyed in the beginning, but eventually stopped going and therefore not only spend a lot of money, but also wasted it... 

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from Bulgaria told me about a sports card, which has cooperations with endless studios, spas, etc., which are all included in a fixed monthly price. The clou is, she said, that you can cancel it on a monthly basis... This caught my attention. 

I was curious wheather something like this also exists in good oly Germany-Land and so I googled and after a while, I found it! MY FITNESS CARD!

They really offer a great variety of gyms, outdoor courses and even swimming pools all around Munich and even in all cities in Germany. Even in smaller cities they have cooperating studios. You can choose between 3 tariffs. The first one, for 39€ per month is a bit limited, but certainly also very suitable for people who want to start off.

The Flex Tariff, which is the most popular one, costs 39€ in the fist and 69€ for all following months. You can check in 3 times in the same studio, but unlimited times in all studios and since there is so much choice, you can basically train every day of the month. Many studios like Body & Soul, etc. have also more than one studio in town, so it really is no problem at all. I actually find it very convenient, since I am always on tour and can just check which studio is most nearby. 

The third and last tariff is the unlimited for 89€ per month. As the name suggests, you can train unlimited times in all partner studios. 

I can say for myself that I am totally in love with this service and a bit sad that I didn't find it earlier!

If you need any further info on My Fitness Card, come by the reception and we will gladly tell you everything we know about it!


Cheers and have a great week!