Three times is a charm!

Ooops we won it again...

Today is yet another good day! Not specifically because of all the snow in and around Munich (this is actually getting a bit on my nerves), but because we received the best feedback from our shortstay-guests via 

Productive guest feedback is one of the most important tools for hoteliers in order to improve and maintain their standard and to learn from mistakes and what you can do better. Therefore, we are reading each and every guest comment we receive, no matter if it is on, Facebook, Google, etc. 


Of course we mostly celebrate the positive feedback, when the guests simply loved everything, but we are also grateful for the critical points, since we certainly learn the most from them. is a very important booking tool for us, since we really manage to maintain our continiously high occupancy with them. 

Not only is the cooperation with this platform uncomplicated and easy, but they are also very responsive and provide accommodations with a very easy to use backend and guest communication tool, which makes it easy for both sides, the accommodation and the guest. 

So, thanks once again to our amazing guests for their great reviews!

It's so great to see that our hard, yet enjoyable work is appreciated and we can't wait for yet another year of exciting and enjoyable guest experiences!

Keep loving us, we certainly love you!



Cheers and have an amazing day!